Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence <p><img src="/public/site/images/jisaiadmin/About_JISAI_(800_×_400_px)_copy.jpg" width="1100px"></p> Universitas Mercu Buana Yogyakarta en-US Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence 2797-6777 Analisis Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Tingkat Penerimaan Portal Layanan Mahasiswa (POLAM) di Fakultas Ilmu Komputer Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jawa Timur Menggunakan Technology Acceptance Model <p>Penerapan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi berpengaruh besar pada aspek pendidikan khususnya pada institusi perguruan tinggi. Pemanfaatan dari teknologi informasi bagi perguruan tinggi dibuktikan melalui penerapan Sistem Informasi Akademik. Salah satu Penerimaaan Portal Layanan Mahasiswa (POLAM). POLAM pada Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jawa Timur merupakan merupakan sistem pelayanan administrasi dari Fakultas Ilmu Komputer UPNVJT yang memiliki fungsi terkait administrasi ( Keterangan Aktif Kuliah, PKL, Skripsi, Yudisium, Transkrip, KHS, Peminjaman Fakultas, Surat Pengantar dan Ttd Stakeholder di Fakultas) Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah melakukan analisis mengenai kualitas POLAM pada Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jawa Timur menggunakan model WebQual 4.0. Pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan observasi dan penyebaran kuesioner. Penentuan sampel dilakukan menggunakan Simple Random Sampling dengan jumlah responden sebanyak 113 mahasiswa aktif Universitas Pembangunan Nasional “Veteran” Jawa Timur.</p> Adiarsyah Syainal Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence 2024-05-07 2024-05-07 4 2 88 97 10.26486/jisai.v4i2.89 Sistem Pakar Diagnosis Kerusakan Pada Komputer Menggunakan Metode Certainty Factor <p><strong>Abstract.</strong> Computers have become an important part of various human work activities in this digital era. Along with the rapid development of technology. However, the use of hardware there is no age limit. there are still many ordinary people who have not been able to analyze computer damage. And it takes an expert to analyze computer damage, later the system will be created to help make it easier for an expert to analyze computer damage in an effective and efficient manner. The solution that will be used is to use an artificial intelligence approach. The way it works is by doing sophisticated reasoning so that it will diagnose expert system damage from symptom input. Certainty Factor (CF) is one of the techniques used to provide certainty over a fact. A desktop-based application that produces an "Expert System for Diagnosing Computer Damage Using Certainty Factor". The test results from consultation with this system indicate that the system is able to determine the damage based on the symptoms, as well as provide the percentage obtained from the Certainty Factor calculation process.</p> <p><strong>Keywords</strong><strong>:</strong> Expert System, Computer Damage, Certainty Factor</p> DWI KURNIA DWI KURNIA Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence 2024-05-07 2024-05-07 4 2 98 104 10.26486/jisai.v4i2.131 Sistem Pakar Untuk Mendiagnosa Penyakit Kanker Payudara Menggunakan Metode Naives Bayes <p><a title="Sistem Pakar Diagnosa Kanker Payudara Menggunakan Metode Naive Bayes" href=""></a></p> Novelin Dwi Puspasari Yulisa Isti Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence 2024-05-07 2024-05-07 4 2 105 116 10.26486/jisai.v4i2.134 Rancang Bangun Sistem Monitoring Keamanan, Suhu dan Kelembapan Gudang Beras Menggunakan Bot Telegram Berbasis IoT <p>Rice is one of the staple foods that is an important commodity where rice consumption and production in Indonesia is very high. High temperature and humidity can cause rice to easily become damaged, for example the appearance of rice bugs, mold growth and an increase in the number of broken grains. In addition, the security of the rice warehouse must also be maintained to prevent losses such as theft. The purpose of this research is to create a system and tool that can monitor or maintain security, temperature and humidity in rice warehouses. The result of this research is a system and tool capable of maintaining temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius and also air humidity below 65% automatically. In addition, a picture of the situation in the warehouse will be sent via a special Telegram Bot to the user as a surveillance and warehouse security tool.</p> Zulfikar Aji Santoso Imam Suharjo Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence 2024-05-07 2024-05-07 4 2 117 124 10.26486/jisai.v4i2.206 Perancangan E-Business Berbasis Web Pada Toko Hamzah Batik Menggunakan Metode Analisa SWOT dan PEST <p><em>E-Business is one of the developments in technology and the internet. That is a service used for buying and selling online. E-Business is selling, marketing products through electronic systems such as the internet or other computer networks. In this study the authors found the problems that occurred, namely the absence of a special sales information system for Hamzah Batik to disseminate sales, the unavailability of facilities that function as product marketing media to the public so that it is difficult to provide information about various kinds of products as offered at Hamzah Batik. In this study the method used is SWOT and PEST analysis</em>. <em>SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method for evaluating strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in a business process. As well as this analysis method is used to systematically formulate strategic decisions related to important matters in a company. PEST analysis is a method used to analyze the external environment that can affect the company's business goals. This analysis includes analysis of political, economic, social, and technological factors.</em></p> Puja Waldi Nadeak M. Anjas Leonardi M. Irfan Bahri Putri Taqwa Prasetyaningrum Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence 2024-05-07 2024-05-07 4 2 127 136 10.26486/jisai.v4i2.198 Implementasi Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Berbasis Website Pada Satu Potret Fotografi <p><em>Satu Potret Photography is a photography service company that provides various photo services, such as family photos, product photos, graduation photos, and other services. To improve the quality of service and customer loyalty, the company wants to implement an information system based on CRM (Customer Relationship Management). The purpose of this research is to design and implement a CRM information system using Wordpress as a popular and easy-to-use website creation platform. This CRM information system has features such as photography service reservation, customer testimonials, and catalog packages. This CRM information system is expected to support the company in offering promotions that match the customer’s wishes. That way, the company can improve service, sales, and build a good relationship between the company and customers.</em></p> Scholastica Larissa Zefira Lewoema Raditha Larasaty Putri Taqwa Prasetyaningrum Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence 2024-05-07 2024-05-07 4 2 137 143 10.26486/jisai.v4i2.216 Sistem Pendukung Keputusan Penentuan Calon Penerima Bantuan Program Pedagang Menggunakan Metode Evaluation Based On Distance From Average Solution <p>Improving the welfare of the community is also very important because it cannot be separated from the economic aspect of the community being given a trigger by the government in the form of social assistance in the form of funds with certain objectives, for example for the benefit of traders, in creating community welfare. Of course, the government has done this, but policies regarding the provision of assistance still have to be monitored, criticized, evaluated, and developed. The services provided still include social norms to determine the process of distributing services for the merchant assistance program. In the current problem, namely regarding decision making in determining the recipients of the merchant program assistance, because currently the Dompet Duafa Institution is still determining the recipient of assistance manually. A decision support system or Decision Support System (DSS) is a system that is able to provide capabilities in terms of problem solving and communicating for a problem with semi-structured and unstructured conditions though. The basic principle of the Evaluation based on Distance from Average Solution (EDAS) method is to use two distance measures, namely Positive Distance from Average (PDA) and Negative Distance from Average (NDA). The alternative that has the highest PDA value and the lowest NDA value will be the best alternative.</p> Alhamdhani Harasi Anief Fauzan Rozi Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence 2024-05-07 2024-05-07 4 2 144 152 10.26486/jisai.v4i2.183 Pengukuran Tingkat Kematangan Sistem Informasi Akademik STIE XYZ Menggunakan Framework COBIT 5 Domain MEA01 <p><em>STIE XYZ is a private high school located in Pasuruan Regency, East Java. In management related to student academics, STIE XYZ has used an academic information system to facilitate the Academic and Student Administration in managing student data such as grades, KRS, KHS, and other important data. In running an information system, it is necessary to measure the maturity level to find out whether the information system is running as desired. However, the academic information system at STIE XYZ has not yet measured its maturity level technically and structured. In this study, the measurement of the maturity level of the STIE XYZ academic information system focused on the process of monitoring, evaluating and evaluating performance, and the suitability of information technology performance, using the MEA01 (Monitor, Evaluate and Assess Performance, and Comformance) domain in the COBIT 5 framework. aims to determine the maturity level of the Process Capability Model (PCM) of the application of academic information systems at STIE XYZ. With this research, it is hoped that the institution will be able to determine the suitability between the current conditions and the desired conditions in the STIE XYZ academic information system.</em></p> Ibrahim Fuad Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence 2024-05-07 2024-05-07 4 2 165 172 10.26486/jisai.v4i2.103 Sistem Pakar Pengembangan Kualitas SDM Di Gunungrejo Pada Bidang Ekonomi Menggunakan Metode Certainty Factor <p><em>The development of the quality of human resources is very important for us to develop because there are still many people out there who have difficulty living their daily lives. Moreover, to get a decent economic needs. Therefore, we discuss the development of the quality of Human Resources in the economic field. So that the layers of society can meet decent economic needs.</em></p> <p><em>The method used to develop the quality of Human Resources, with the Certainty Factor method. Certainty Factor method, in this study is used to assist in overcoming economic problems with the aim of improving the quality of human resources in Indonesia. From the results of testing the expert system program, in the research results obtained various problem conditions that determine whether a person has a quality deficiency in the economic field.</em></p> <p><em>With the creation of this journal, it is hoped that it can help to improve the quality of Human Resources appropriately.</em></p> Alwan Aziz Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence 2024-05-07 2024-05-07 4 2 158 164 10.26486/jisai.v4i2.140 Sistem Pakar Diagnosis Penyakit Tanaman Kopi Menggunakan Metode Certainty Factor <p><strong>Abstract.</strong> The lack of agricultural experts in providing information about plant diseases to cultivators can have an impact on coffee plant cultivators where farmers play a role in providing direction, guidance, and counseling about coffee plant problems faced by farmers. The development of information technology today has a significant impact in various fields including agriculture/plantation. Therefore, technological developments are also utilized by coffee plant cultivators to obtain information as early as possible about the types of diseases suffered by cultivated plants and how to deal with them. The purpose of this study was to design an expert system in diagnosing coffee plant diseases using the Certainty Factor method. Certainty Factor is used because this method can help to overcome uncertainty in decision making and provide a percentage of diagnostic results. Certainty Factor can occur under various conditions, which for this study have several conditions or symptoms of disease that determine whether a coffee plant is attacked by disease or not. From the results of testing the program system, obtained the same results with manual calculations using the Certainty Factor method. So it can be said that this system can diagnose coffee plant diseases and provide solutions.</p> <p><strong>Keywords</strong><strong>:</strong> Expert System, Plant diseases, Certainty Factor</p> Harben Harben Fikri Basya Galang Ramadhan Copyright (c) 2024 Journal Of Information System And Artificial Intelligence 2024-05-07 2024-05-07 4 2 153 157 10.26486/jisai.v4i2.135